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Here is a list of some of the most common questions we get:

Q) Where can I find an application/link to apply?

A) Almost always the link is in the post, or there is a link to the FB Business page or the event page itself on all our posts about specific events. If you are unsure, the open applications are ALWAYS available on our website!!

Q) Where/when is this event?

A) All events are always on our website. Our FB page will also always have a separate event page for upcoming events. All of the information for those events can be found there!

Q) Can I have more details about being a vendor, including fees?

A) The vendor applications, found on our website, will have all the vendor details for you.

Q) Can I be a vendor?

A) All vendors must submit an application for whichever event they are interested in.

Q) Are applications still open?

A) If you cannot find the link on our social media, check our website. All open applications will be there, closed applications will be stated as "closed" until after the event ends.

Q) How many people are you expecting at your event?

A) We will NEVER answer this question. There is no way to accurately predict this. Weather will play a big role in attendance, and that will not be known for sure until just before the event. You are welcome to take a look at our FB event page to get an idea of how many people have shown interest, but not everyone attending or planning to attend will click the "attending" button, nor will all attendees have Facebook. We will also advertise the event in various places, some of which will not give us feedback as to how many people have been reached. Previous events are not always an indicator of current interest.

Q) Why do I need insurance?

A) Some of our events will require the vendor carry liability insurance. General liability insurance helps protect your business from claims that it caused bodily injury or property damage to someone else. Even if you are not required to have insurance, it is a good idea to protect your business for each event you participate in. Something as small as a display falling on someone or a person tripping on a tent could trigger a claim.

Please see the blog section of our website for more details on insurance.

Q) What is the best way to contact you?

A) Email is always preferred. Messages on social media can get lost, or come during our off hours and get forgotten about. Emails are regularly checked and responded to. If it is the day of an event and you are a vendor, or if you are looking to speak with someone directly, feel free to call.

Q) I haven't heard from you, was I accepted?

A) It usually takes us a few weeks from the time of opening applications before acceptances start being sent. Please make sure to mark our email address as safe or check your junk/spam folders.

Q) I loved your event! Where can I leave a review?!

A) We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a review on our Facebook page or on our Google listing:

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